on your mark, get set, HACK! 

Available Tools for Hacking


Prototyping materials, a machine shop, and a
$50 hacker budget*. 

Taking place in MIT's International Design Centre, participants can bring their hacks to life in the in-house machine shop, equipped with: 

$50 budget per hacker

Each participant will be reimbursed for up to $50 in materials and supplies to develop their product*. 

In addition, materials already provided in lab include: 

​*Receipts MUST be kept and submitted to Jessica Artiles for processing during the design-a-thon. 
Tax will NOT be reimbursed. Purchases should be made using MIT's Tax Exempt forms: 

    Federal ST5 form

    State st2 form

In many cases the federal form is sufficient, but some stores may require the state form as well. Note that you need the cover letter that goes with the state form because it explains that the exemption status is still valid, even though it is past the expiration date on the state ST2 form.


Systems Re-thinking

​Hands-on Learning

Digital Learning

Education APIs

InBloom- an API-enabled data store and a set of tools for data interoperable environment sin K-12

LearnSprout– Provides access to a school’s SIS for student and teacher data.

Clever – Provides access to a school’s SIS for student and teacher data.

DonorsChoose – A charity for public school teachers; provides access to their data.
GreatSchools – Provides profiles, ratings, and parent reviews of public and private schools in the US.

Education.com’s SchoolFinder – Provides performance, demographics, and parent reviews of public and private schools in the US.

Quizlet Flashcards – Provides access to millions of flashcards in every subject.
Mendeley – Provides access to academic research papers.

OCW Search – Provides access to the free OpenCourseWare university courses.

Scopus – Provides access to peer-reviewed documents, including author, affiliations, and citations.

arXiv – Provides access to physics, mathematics and computer science documents and research.

Curriculum U – Provides K-12 content standards from searches from learning content and school levels.

Haiku Learning Management – A learning management system; provides access to their data.

Moodle – A learning management system; Provides access to their data.

OpenDOAR – Provides lists of academic research repositories around the world.

Forvo – Provides access to read or listen to word pronunciations.

Wolfram|Alpha – Provides access to the computational knowledge of Wolfram|Alpha’s products.

Pearson – Provides access to view most of the content published by Pearson

More APIs from Programmable Webs

Khan Academy - not-for-profit with the goal of changing education for the better by providing a free world-class education to anyone anywhere.

Inkling - brings the world’s best interactive learning content to iPad.

Kno - education software company on a mission to shake up higher education by making learning engaging, efficient, and social for students.

CK-12 - uses an open-content, web-based collaborative model, “FlexBook,” to share high quality educational content in an adaptive Platform

Chegg - netflix for textbooks

Udemy - enables anyone to take and build courses online. Goal is to disrupt and democratize education by learning from the world’s experts.

eduFire - platform to allow live learning to take place over the Internet anytime from anywhere.

AcademicEarth - extending high-quality online learning opportunities to people around the globe.